MarlieQ’s Jerk Marinade

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Reusable bag for 2.5lb poultry, 8oz steak, and 10+shrimp. No mess cooking leave to marinate for up to an hour or more. Vegan with all-natural ingredients. Spice level 3/5 scotch bonnet pepper. Only shipping within North Carolina.



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Weight 11.00 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 7 × 4 in

7 reviews for MarlieQ’s Jerk Marinade

  1. Carla P.

    I made jerk pulled pork for the family and they loved it. Marlieq’s marinade is flavorful and spicy. I will definitely purchase again to try on other meat and vegetables.

    • Marlie

      Thanks for giving MarlieQs jerk marinade a try . We look forward to always being your spicy marinade choice

  2. Claudia Samuels Newto

    MarlieQ’s jerk marinade did not disappoint! The spice amount is just right and is very tasty. Seriously it will make you want to slap your momma. I prepared chicken for supper (in the oven on broil) and loved the ability to marinate the meat in the bag. I will spread the word about this product and will definitely remain a customer.

    • Marlie

      Please don’t slap your Momma Claudia lol . We are happy the MarlieQs jerk marinade flavor hit the spot

  3. Jean Dunn

    My daughter made some chicken with this jerk marinade. It is to die for. Get it and spice up your boring dishes!

    • Marlie


  4. Delrose Stephens

    Her Jerk marinade is The BEST that I’ve ha in a very long time. I’ll definitely be returning for more!

    • Marlie

      Thanks for the thumbs up. So glad you liked it

  5. Seymour Hunter

    Very good marinade had this on some chicken at my stepdaughter. Hope it will be ln South Carolina soon.

  6. Seymour Hunter

    Very good product. Like the kick got to taste it at my stepdaughter on some chicken. Good luck with it going forward. Hope to see it in SC

  7. Jasmine

    This jerk marinade product was AMAZING! I used it to add flavor to my ackee dish and just 1/2 tsp helped make my dish 100x better! Also I used it to marinate on my yellow snapper fish and when I fried the fish all the flavors stuck on and it was so delicious! I recommend this product to anyone who enjoys flavor!!!

    • Marlie

      Hey Jasmine we are so glad you liked it . We’re all about FLAVOR

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